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Category Archives: Vegetables

Carrot Kaleidoscope Blend Organic

prod002246 We’ve combined five distinct colors of carrots in one special blend for a pretty rainbow effect that is sure to be noticed at the dinner table even by the kids. After testing hundreds of carrot varieties we developed this easy-to-grow

Turnip Oasis Hybrid

prod001625 Can be picked at any size with a surprisingly sweet juicy flavor similar to a melon. Oasis is delicious when eaten raw like an apple or grated and added to salads. Resistant to virus. Ideal for summer and autumn harvests.

Tomato Yellow Pear

prod001024 This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant that bears enormous numbers of bright yellow bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres.

Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern

prod000862 Excellent for Halloween carving and cooking. Pumpkins are 18-24 lbs. with a round to elongated shape. It has a fine taste as well.

Garlic Kettle River Giant

prod002393 Called “Giant” for a reason these big garlic bulbs can grow up to 4″ across! This variety boasts the long storage characteristics of a softneck but the complex flavor of a hardneck. Originating in the Pacific Northwest it does well

Garlic Italian Late

prod001488 Softneck variety that is medium in size with a short and round bulb. The skin is very tight which is a little hard to work but the tight coarse tunics keep cloves fresh in storage for up to 8 months.

Garlic California Early

prod002390 A subtle mild tasting garlic variety developed for the California garlic industry this is the very popular garlic that many people enjoy. This variety is very adaptable and grows in a variety of climates. Its tight coarse tunics make for

Lettuce Little Gem

prod099693 Cook’s Garden Favorite. The small robust green heads are perfect for individual salads and its firm upright habit makes it great for sandwiches as well. Little Gem is the one to grow for Hearts of Romaine.

Artichoke Imperial Star Hybrid

prod000566 Attractive plants with grey-green foliage grow 4 ft. tall with a similar spread. High yields of sweet mild tasting flower buds 4 1/2″ in diameter are very slow to open when mature and are produced the first year.

Kale Blend

prod099689 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Just add color. Mix includes four different kale varieties: 25% ‘Lacinato’ 25% ‘Winterbor’ 25% ‘Redbor’ and 25% ‘Dwarf Curled Vates’. Kale is just about the most nutritious thing you can eat and can be prepared in an

Tomato Super Beefsteak

prod001184 Delicious flavorful meaty fruits have smooth shoulders not as rough and ridgy as Beefsteak and the blossom end scars are smaller. Prolific vigorous plants produce luscious red fruits averaging 17 oz.

Pumpkin Early Sweet Sugar Pie

prod001154 The fine orange flesh of this favorite is the best for rich pumpkin pies. Easy to handle at only 6-7 lb. each.

Shallots French Red

prod001491 Prolific plants produce an abundance of 1-2″ diameter bulbs that are sweet and similar to a green onion flavor. Very mild in flavor never overpowering. French Red is naturally sweet and adds color to your favorite recipes.

Spinach Space Hybrid

prod099742 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Hybrid. This is a true three season spinach: heat tolerant and slow bolting yet also resistant to the mildew that makes fall spinach so chancy. Quick growing — ready in 40 days or less. Upright habit with

Arugula Rocket (Roquette)

prod000886 Tender smooth leaves with robust peppery flavor. Cook mature leaves with other greens. GARDEN HINTS: Grows best in cool weather. Can also be grown as a fall crop. Sow early in spring. Protect from heat with shade cloth. Likes fertile

Kale Kale Storm

prod099477 The great American kale kraze just gets krazier by the day with ever-growing numbers of kale konnoisseurs blissing out at the cabbage cousin’s incredible flavor and outsize nutritional bonanza. ’Kale Storm ’ a chromatic medley of three choice varieties—purple green

Garlic Burpee’s Best Spring Collection

prod002718 Garlic is a many-splendored thing-offering a spectrum of flavors nuances hues shapes and sizes. Our new Spring Collection introduces you to a variety of garlic experience. Includes 1/2 lb. each of Early Italian Purple Silver Rose Inchelium Red Italian Late

Pumpkin Connecticut Field

prod000860 When the first settlers arrived in New England native Americans were growing pumpkins that looked like this one among their corn. It is the original Halloween pumpkin and makes great pies too. Fruits measure 12-20″ in diameter and weigh 15-25

Broccoli Waltham 29

prod002005 Known for producing large heads and long stalks this longtime favorite is excellent for cooking fresh or freezing. The 4-6″ dark blue-green heads are arrayed with side shoots. Developed to withstand cold it performs outstandingly in the fall.

Cucumber Spacemaster

prod000698 This compact cucumber is ideal for containers or hanging baskets. Its short hardy vines produce slender dark green fruits 7 1/2″ long. It’s prolific and great in salads or plain. Resistant to Cucumber mosaic virus and scab.