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Category Archives: Vegetables

Bean Bush Golden Wax Organic

prod002127 Growing on an upright bush bright yellow stringless pods of 4-5″ are easy to spot among green foliage. Delicious buttery flavor. Certified Organic Seed.

Pea Purple Podded

prod099707 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Our Fordhook visitors can’t resist the lure of these edible purple garden ornaments. Heirloom’s fragrant purple-pink flowers are followed by clusters of deep-purple pods filled with delectable green peas. Best used as a shelling pea to be

Pepper Hot Hungarian Wax

prod000807 Heat-lovers here’s another Mexican favorite used in a variety of dishes from salsas to soups with a distinctive pungent flavor. Large 2-3′ plants produce fruits about 5″ long that start out bright yellow and turn red as they mature. They

Pepper Hot Mariachi Hybrid

prod000814 2006 All-America Selections winner. It’s the perfect pepper when you want a blast of color but just a hint of heat. The compact 18-24″ plants yield loads of 4″ coned shaped fruits that change brilliantly from creamy yellow to bright

Squash Zucchini Black Beauty Organic

prod000939 Glossy black-green zucchini with creamy white flesh. Plants have an open habit which makes for easy picking. Best picked when 6 to 8″ long. Certified Organic Seed.

Lettuce Braveheart

prod000733 The extra-large heads of this hearty new romaine form solid full hearts that are rich green to the core. Save loads of money and make no waste growing Braveheart because every smooth green leaf whether loose outer or tight inner

Shallots Holland Red

prod000891 A sweet mild garlic alternative: aromatic pungent and flavorful. Fast-growing coppery-red bulbs with reddish-purple inner rings. Long storing up to 6 months.

Cucumber White Wonder

prod002007 Burpee introduced this now classic cucumber in 1893 after receiving it from a customer in western New York State. Pale ivory the 6 to 8″ long and 2 to 3″-wide fruits have an exceptionally crisp texture making for excellent fresh

Pepper Hot McMahon’s Bird Pepper

prod001945 A tangy hot pepper that’s rich in flavor and history. Producing tiny shiny round-red peppers this variety was introduced in 1813 by Bernard McMahon from seeds given to him by Thomas Jefferson who was as you may know an accomplished

Squash Winter Acorn Table Queen

prod000929 The flesh of this heirloom acorn is a sweet golden yellow that turns more orange in storage and the rind is dark green and ribbed. Fruits grow to 6″. GARDEN HINTS: Leave on vine until fully mature. Harvest before frost

Tomato Big Rainbow

prod000968 The flesh inside is marbled with red in the bottom half of the fruit. It has a big lumpy beefsteak shape with a very mild and sweet flavor. It’s a knockout on a platter with slices of our other tomato

Squash Summer Burpee Golden Zucchini

prod000908 Fruits are medium-long slender and cylindrical in shape. Bright golden color and a delicious distinctive zucchini flavor. Garden Hints: Fruits are best when 6 to 8″ long. Cultivate or mulch to control weeds. Fertilize when fruits form to increase yield.

Pea Garden Sweet

prod001756 Plump juicy peas taste like little pearls of sugar! With 20-30% more sugars than other pea varieties Garden Sweet is a ready-made dish that needs little preparation from the garden to the plate. Peas contain 18 essential vitamins and nutrients-a

Radish Black Spanish Round

prod001935 Black radishes have been grown and savored in Europe since the 1500s. With handsome black skins the large 3-4″ turnip-shaped globes have crisp pungent spicy pure-white flesh. A winter variety valued for its strong medicinal properties ease of growth and

Collard Tiger Hybrid

prod022625 ‘Tiger’s a favorite in the south where collard is culinary king. Expect a royal crop of hardy upright plants packed with slightly savoyed thick blue-green leaves. ‘Tiger’ stands out for flavor and high ratio of blade to stalk. Plants eagerly

Pepper Hot Long Red Slim Cayenne

prod000813 Use them fresh or they can easily be dried for winter use. Harvest starts about 75 days after plants are set out. CAUTION: Use rubber gloves or clean hot peppers under running water to avoid skin burn from the pepper

Pea Mammoth Melting Sugar

prod000785 The sweetness of garden peas is legendary. This Burpee-bred early extremely prolific all-purpose pea produces straight 4 1/2″ pods filled with 8 to 10 medium to large peas. Pods of this heirloom variety remain stringless and sweet longer than most

Turnip Tokyo Cross Hybrid

prod001026 All-America Selections winner. Best variety for a spring crop. Harvest in only 35 days at just 2″ across. Grows to 6″ across. Tasty raw or cooked. Excellent greens.

Spinach Avon Hybrid

prod000892 Healthful tasty spinach can be sown twice for extra yield. Quick-growing superb flavor. Large tender dark green slightly crinkled leaves.

Tomato Heatwave II Hybrid

prod000993 These great tasting tomatoes perform exceptionally well in the most intense summer heat even at 95 F. The round 6 to 7 oz. fruits on compact plants are extremely disease resistant.