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Category Archives: Vegetables

Pepper Sweet Nardella Organic

prod002261 Long slender 8-10″ fruits ripen from green to red on high-yielding plants. Sweet smokey flavor is ideal for frying. Disease-resistant. Certified Organic Seed.

Tomato Brandywine Pink Organic

prod000975 Brandywine which dates back to 1885 is the heirloom tomato standard. One taste and you’ll be enchanted by its superb flavor and luscious shade of red-pink. The large beefsteak-shaped fruits grow on unusually upright potato-leaved plants. The fruits set one

Mustard Red Giant

prod099468 Giant Red Japanese mustards make bold versatile ornamental edibles. Upright large rosettes up to 18″ tall are very colorful with deep red purplish savoy leaves edged and veined pale green. Easy to grow in spring fall and winter gardens.

Squash Summer Summer Scallop Hybrid Mix

prod000920 A value packed trio of miniature patty pan types-colorful and especially flavorful. You’ll love growing and using Lunar Eclipse Sunburst and Sunbeam in your favorite recipes. Size 1-2″ x 2 1/2-3″.

Mesclun Savory Gourmet Mix

prod000762 This tasty blend looks great in both the garden and the bowl. We’ve mixed three of our popular leaf lettuces (Green Ice Mighty Red Oak and Prizeleaf) with exotic salad greens like Mizuna (a Chinese cabbage that is as fine

Squash Summer Great Griller Hybrid

prod022784 Tasty 5-6″-long oval fruit slices into thick veggie steaks squash fries or wedges on skewers. Thick meaty fruits are flavorful at a broad range of cooking temperatures whether fired up on the grill saut?ed or steamed. Bushy mounding plants offer

Pea Sugar Heart

prod003188 One delicious and versatile sugar snap pea. Sugar Heart is high-yielding heat-tolerant and shows good disease resistance. The 48″ tall plants produce a plentitude of delicious and incredibly nutritious fat-free stringless pods that are loaded with folate vitamin C carotenoids

Cantaloupe Aphrodite Hybrid

prod099563 Tender orange flesh of succulent new sweetheart delivers pluperfect melodious honey-sweetness. Musky sweetness makes ‘Aphrodite’ the cantaloupe of choice for sublime desserts and breakfast alike. 6-8 lb. fruits capture classic sublimely savory honey aromatics.Hardy plants are resistant to fusarium wilt

Pepper Hot Big Boss Man Hybrid

prod022616 From first harvest on ancho-poblano hybrid flourishes outsized yields of extra-large 7” x 3” fruits. How hot is it? Pepper’s Scoville rating is 1500-4000. That’s hot but far from incendiary. Big bold dark-green fruits deliver sensational flavor and just-right mild

Tomato Yellow Pear Organic

prod001025 This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant that bears enormous numbers of bright yellow bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres. Certified Organic Seed.

Squash Summer Cooks Custom Summer Mix

prod099825 Have a small garden? Our mixed packet holds enough seed of our special bush types to plant three hills of mixed squashes. Now you can have all the variety of a big garden without the squash glut. Mixed seed in

Tomatillo Gulliver Hybrid

prod022786 Tomatillos lead a life of culinary excitement easily navigating from one recipe to another whether it’s called to be chopped fresh boiled fried or saut?ed. Thick fleshy slightly acidic fruits produce by the hundreds on trailing plants that can ramble

Cucumber Straight Eight Organic

prod002129 All-America Winner. A favorite white spine cucumber. Even deeply-colored symmetrically shaped fruits are best picked when 8 inches long for top flavor. A standard slicing cucumber. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Bean Kentucky Wonder Organic

prod000573 HEIRLOOM. Kentucky Wonder is a brown-seeded bean noted for its exceptional flavor and its heavy crops of 9″ green pods borne in clusters. Pods are oval thick gently curved meaty and tender and they’re stringless when young. It’s been proven

Lettuce Forellenschluss

prod001960 We love this heirloom not just for its bright flavor but for the name which translates as “speckled like a trout’s back”. This aptly describes the look of the brilliant tasty green leaves speckled with burgundy-red spots from base to

Pepper Bush Belle Hybrid

prod001640 This new sweet pepper is a super producer and small space champion. The 36? plants are loaded with thick-walled blocky 4? long fruits. The tangy sweet peppers are sublime in salads ravishing when roasted and great grilled. Harvest in about

Tomato Green Zebra Organic

prod002171 Green Zebra is actually the result of four heirlooms bred together. Whatever it’s a beauty with exquisite emerald green skin dark green vertical stripes and gently flavorful green flesh. Ready to be eaten fresh or canned and enjoyed year-round. High-yielding

Pepper Hot Piquillo

prod099648 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Heirloom. Savor a garden-fresh delicacy previously only available on the import shelves. These 3″ Northern Spain heirlooms – piquant but not hot – are the essential peppers for tapas. ‘Piquillos’ (or “little beaks”) ripen from olive-green to

Tomato Green Envy

prod001780 Like no green tomato you’ve ever seen or tasted. This spectacular introduction a deep shade of emerald green is one of the greatest tomatoes we have ever bred. The meaty tangy cherry tomatoes are wondrously sweet and juicy. Edible perfection:

Pea Spring

prod000791 The sweetness of garden peas is legendary. This is a very early pea that bears large crops on medium sized plants. Pods hold 6 to 7 plump peas vines grow 20″ tall. It’s fusarium wilt resistant and an outstanding winter