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Category Archives: Organics

Tomato Yellow Pear Organic

prod001025 This extremely old variety makes a vigorous plant that bears enormous numbers of bright yellow bite-sized fruit. The flavor is deliciously tangy. Perfect for summer party hors d’oeuvres. Certified Organic Seed.

Parsley Italian Dark Green Organic

prod002124 Use in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient in pesto. Attractive as a garnish. Its flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type. Certified Organic Seed.

Pumpkin Small Sugar Organic

prod002122 Small Sugar is even better for pies than its larger cousin Connecticut Field pumpkin. When Mr. Burpee offered it in 1887 he said: “A very prolific and handsome little pumpkin; usual size about 10″ in diameter; skin is a deep

Basil Sweet Organic

prod000491 Use as a flavoring with tomatoes and with mild-flavored vegetables such as squash. Excellent for flavoring veal and lamb too. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals was

Squash Winter Burgess Buttercup Organic

prod002125 Dark green skinned turban-shaped fruits have white stripes. Fruits are 4 1/2 x 6 1/2″. Stores well. Certified Organic Seed.

Tomato Baxter’s Bush Cherry Organic

prod000961 A very early red cherry tomato with remarkable weather tolerance and keeping quality. Vigorous and productive yielding firm crack resistant fruits around a week earlier than other open-pollinated cherries. Small tasty fruits are great used fresh in salads. Fruit set

Pepper Sweet Nardella Organic

prod002261 Long slender 8-10″ fruits ripen from green to red on high-yielding plants. Sweet smokey flavor is ideal for frying. Disease-resistant. Certified Organic Seed.

Radish China Rose

prod001912 Jesuit missionaries gathered up this ancient winter radish from China and introduced it to Europe in the 1950s. Now ours to enjoy the long peppery roots-6-8″ by 2″ diameter-have bright beautiful rose-colored skin with white flesh. An ideal variety for

Tomato Brandywine Red Organic

prod001759 Flavorful but not acidic it is a large-lobed beefsteak-shaped tomato with a thin pinkish-red skin. Very vigorous. Best if staked caged or trellised. Perfect for slicing. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth

Pea Oregon Sugar Pod Organic

prod000789 Produces a huge crop with high percentage of 2 pods per cluster. Vigorous 28″ plants bear 4 1/2″ long pods. Resists pea virus common wilt and powdery mildew. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees

Lettuce Reine des Glaces

prod001942 Queen of the Ice is how the name of this regal French heirloom translates. Leaves of this crisphead lettuce are lacy and deep green and form good-sized heads; inner leaves are light green crispy and sweet. Tolerant of cold and

Parsley Italian Flat Leaved Organic

prod002112 Flat-leaved variety used in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient of pesto. Flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type. Certified Organic Seed.

Pumpkin Spookie Organic

prod000868 A prolific dark orange pumpkin 6-8″ around weighing about 6 lb. Developed from a cross between Sugar Pie and Jack O’ Lantern vines yield very uniform excellent quality fruits. The sweet thick

Tomato Green Zebra Organic

prod002171 Green Zebra is actually the result of four heirlooms bred together. Whatever it’s a beauty with exquisite emerald green skin dark green vertical stripes and gently flavorful green flesh. Ready to be eaten fresh or canned and enjoyed year-round. High-yielding

Sage Organic

prod000500 Sage is one of the essential herbs and can be used to enhance virtually any dish. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost. We searched the world to find the best organic seed – Burpee fully guarantees that

Tomatillo Green Organic

prod000954 Easy to grow and very prolific producing 2-3″ round fruits ripening to yellow-green. Tomatillos a staple in Mexican dishes are used for fresh or cooked green sauces. Unlike tomatoes the tomatillo fruit is covered by a papery lantern-like husk that

Radish Cherry Belle Organic

prod000871 This fine radish retains its eating quality all season. Round smooth scarlet roots 3/4″ across with crisp white flesh. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals was used

Pepper Sweet California Wonder Organic

prod000842 HEIRLOOM. The standard bell pepper for many decades this 1928 introduction is still the largest open-pollinated heirloom bell you can grow. A perfect stuffing pepper-blocky 4″ x 3 1/2″ thick-walled tender and flavorful. Certified Organic Seed.

Melon Honeydew Green Flesh Organic

prod000564 A very smooth-skinned melon with a hard rind ripening pale green to ivory-gold and a small seed cavity. The lime-green juicy flesh has superb sweetness and delightful aroma. High-yielding vines produce large fruits up to 6 lb. 7-9″ long and

Swiss Chard Burpee’s Fordhook Giant Organic

prod000948 This is the classic Burpee-bred chard with dark green thick tender leaves and heavy yields even in hot weather. Easy to grow; eat it like spinach or beet greens. Pick from late spring till winter. 100 seeds sows 20′ of