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Category Archives: Herbs

Cilantro Confetti

prod002712 Cilantro adds the spark to salsas burritos gazpacho seafood and herb butter. Gourmet variety of this favorite herb (also known as coriander) has subtle flavor.

Dill Elephant

prod000470 This is the best selection of late-flowering dill for longer season leaf cutting. Mid to dark green lush leaves. Late to bolt for extended harvest.

Basil Persian Organic

prod099877 You have to be an outstanding and bodacious basil to be named a 2015 All America Selections winner. Delectable basil gets high marks on several scores: fresh flavor large leaves ornamental habit and lateness to flower. Of course with basil

Parsley Italian Essence

prod099651 Cook’s Garden Favorite. This giant flat leaf parsley has a refined clean aroma and taste useful in a wide range of dishes. Chemical analysis reveals high concentrations of the essential oil ‘apiol’ especially apparent when making a batch of Persillade

Verbena Lemon

prod003360 Aside from the lemony delight of growing this verbena it is a plant for every garden space. Give this herb soil with good drainage and watch it take off. Whether in a container or in the back border the fragrant

Mint Peppermint

prod003356 Peppermint iced tea hot tea on lamb-just to name a few common uses of peppermint. Lesser known ones include calming the digestion or relieving minor sinus discomfort with a strong concentration of peppermint oils. As a general rule mint family

Herb Collection Culinary Classics

prod000474 Fresh herbs from your garden will bring to every meal new dimensions of culinary pleasure. Summerlong Basil Greek Oregano Sage Thyme Sweet Marjoram and Rosemary.

Mint Peppermint Chocolate

prod099698 Cook’s Garden Favorite. This variety is a sultry and refreshingly pungent as the name suggests. A delectably sweet topping for fruit and ice cream alike also great for hot tea. As a general rule the mentha family is best grown

Garlic Garlikins

prod099625 Brand new to the culinary world ‘Garlikins’ are the most fantastic short season root-to-tip edible of garlicky goodness that your garden and kitchen have ever known. Called ‘green garlic’ these plants have a delicious and versatile garlic flavor that permeates

Oregano Cleopatra Organic

prod099878 Oregano is used in a variety of cuisines as a fresh herb or a dried spice late in the year when fresh is not available. Differing from Italian and Greek oreganos ‘Cleopatra’ has a unique mild spice laced with peppermint

Rosemary Arp

prod099728 Cook’s Garden Favorite. Arp’ is a beautiful rosemary on the taller side of varieties at 48″ and is said to have some of the strongest fragrance with the best cold tolerance and widest adaptability range. A great variety for first-time

Parsley Italian Dark Green Organic

prod002124 Use in salad dressings poultry soups and as an ingredient in pesto. Attractive as a garnish. Its flavor is much more pronounced than that of the more familiar curled type. Certified Organic Seed.

Basil Cardinal

prod000451 At first glance you’ll think this is a celosia with its heavy tightly packed blooms glowing in cardinal red. A closer inspection reveals that tell-tale scent rich and heady with a touch of spice. Strong deep burgundy stems hold the

Basil Purple Ruffles

prod000458 Purple Ruffles has large and frilly purple ruffled leaves and a fragrance and flavor stronger than Sweet Basil but milder flavor than Green Ruffles. It will add color and flavor to herb vinegars. Start early indoors or outside after danger

Basil Boxwood

prod000450 Discovered in a friend’s garden even on one of the hottest days of August these plants remained in perfect form extremely bushy and productive. Tight mounds of small leaves that resemble boxwood plants make a highly ornamental edging for the

Fennel Florence

prod000473 The bulbous stem can be steamed grilled or served raw; it’s like celery with a delicate anise aroma. Chopped and sauteed it’s great with shrimp. Likes full sun and mild to cool weather. Start outside after danger of frost.

Dill Mammoth

prod000472 Use seeds to flavor pickles and the leaves to brighten salads soups omelets and vegetables. Likes full sun. Plant seeds or plants outside after all danger of frost.


prod000465 Cats go crazy for this easy-to-grow plant. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost.

Marjoram Sweet

prod000478 Use fresh or dried leaves in salads dressings meat sausage lamb dishes beans and soups. Annual. Start early indoors or outdoors after danger of frost.

Herb Dill Bouquet Organic

prod000496 Seeds flavor pickles; leaves enhance salads soups omelets and vegetables. We searched the world to find the best organic seed-Burpee fully guarantees that not a drop of synthetic chemicals was used to make these excellent seeds. Certified Organic Seed.